Rayan Pajoohesh Kavir (PejvakNet)

Cloud and HPC systems developer and consultant


Our services could be categorized in these topics:

1- Cloud infrastructures

2- Virtualization

3- HPC clusters

4- Streamed Processing softwares

5- Big Data processing

6- SOA and microservices

7- CUDA and OpenCL based software development

8- Our R&D section are now working on "Smart Clinic", which manages and help entities in a medical clinic, from patient arrival registration to assisting medicinal prescriptions and so on. It uses Machine Learning and Stream Processing modules to Improve its process and work-flows at run-time.

The website is under some construction. New version will be uploaded as soon as possible.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact by info [*] pejvaknet [*] com.